Things to Know about PMAY Scheme in Odisha

The PMAY scheme, which is also known as Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, is a popular housing scheme launched by the Central Government in 2015. Under this scheme, the GOI wishes to ensure housing for all by 2022’.

It issues a subsidy scheme on every home loan availed by the people and the subsidies are decided on the basis of the salaries drawn by an individual. The PMAY Scheme can be primarily availed for new homes, although it can be used for resale home or improvement of rooms in an existing house.

If you are looking for details that will help you understand the PMAY Scheme in Odisha, then look no further. We have covered all the important pointers that will help you gather details of the scheme-

37 Housing Projects Sanctioned by Central Government

Till date, the central government has given permission to construct around 37,000 houses, which are an evident part of the 37 housing projects happening in Odisha. These projects have been very well approved under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Odisha. This has been done to accomplish the ‘Housing for All’ objective shared by the Prime Minister of India. This, in indeed, is a big step taken up by the Government of India to help the urban poor people and also those belonging to rural area to afford a home at a subsidized rate.

50000 Houses Sanctioned by the State Government

The State Government of Odisha has made it a point to help the residents of the state to utilize Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Odisha to its best ability. Since its initial launch in the state, the Odisha Government has sanctioned up to fifty thousand houses specifically for those who come under the urban poor category. The first phase of sanctioning took place in the month of December 2016.

Work Accomplished by SLSMC scheme

The Chief Secretary Mr. Padhi has already approved around 26 BLC (Beneficiary Led House Construction). Additionally, one development project concerning the slum was also approved along with approvals to additional six housing projects.

As per G Mathivathanan, Secretary (Urban Development), it was cited that around 2800 houses will be developed and constructed via BLC scheme, while a total of 1300 houses will be constructed via slum development project.

What are the Costs Involved?

Under BLC scheme, the house can be availed at INR 3 lakhs, wherein the government can offer assistance up to INR 2 lakhs to ease the cash constraints of the beneficiary who is availing the house under PMAY scheme.

After the scheme was launched, a lot of people submitted applications to avail the benefits shared under the scheme and buy a house. The concerned officials then verified the details entered in the application and the first instalment was released to all the eligible applicants under this scheme (PMAY Urban Scheme). The state is still awaiting the next set of housing benefits, which will hopefully help all the residents of Odisha own individual homes for themselves.

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